The Light of the Soul

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Any future worth living means that the Higher Mind is far more awakened. Its role is crucial. Its presence illumines all that is life-enhancing, the glimpsing for a moment of the light that radiates from every atom, the transformation of perception that comes when a truth becomes one’s own direct experience.¬† This is the Light of the Soul.

If we interpret every response in the Light of the Soul it will inevitably express in some way the incentive to do all we can to help those who suffer, and to contribute to the creation of a better world. The development of intuition will lead us into an era of Universal Love where true compassion is known. If we are dedicated to creating the next step for humanity, then we must become more intuitive.

Overcoming our Illusions

12748057_508310339353630_8030795313891091424_oThe world today is plagued by glamour which is the sum total of human ignorance, fear and greed. The dissipation of glamour depends on illumined thinking. As true spiritual perception is developed, the mind becomes trained as an interpreting agent of truth that enables a man to see reality free from glamour and illusion. Intuition, a higher aspect of Mind has the quality of synthesis because it is like a coherent light that cuts through wrong interpretation, perception and expression.

To become more intuitive we have to let go of spiritually limiting habits and the separatist tendencies of a little self. The illusion of separateness is the greatest single obstacle to human progress. We become increasingly sensitive to the world of the intuition through persistent efforts to live by our higher impressions.