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Path of Initiation

This program consists of a presentation and study of the book  “The Path of Initiation” by Lucille Cedercran41Hz-ecsnBL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_s.  It is an introduction to the Ageless Wisdom. All students beginning or advanced are welcome.  The meetings will be held in a 2 hour session every week by virtual classroom, studying one lesson each week for 10 weeks. Pamela McDown, the facilitator is certified in Lucille Cedercran’s Teacher Training  Class and a long time student and teacher of the Wisdom Teachings.

Lucille Cedercrans sums of the work as follows:

“You are seekers, all of you, seeking Truth as man has sought Truth throughout all of his many experiences. That seeking has been the basic cause of all your experiences, regardless of their nature. The so-called good and the bad have been the result of man s great desire to know. The vague, indescribable restlessness within, which drives man from one experience to the other, is his demand for Truth. And what is the Truth that man seeks? His own Identity. The realization that he is a Son of God, a Conscious Soul Incarnate.”

The Path of Initiation, p. 4

The books published by Wisdom Impressions on the Nature of the Soul have been given during the second half of the twentieth century by the disciple Mrs. Lucille Cedercrans – Schaible and are called “The Wisdom – a New Thought-form Presentation”.

There is no tuition for this program.  For starting dates of next class, questions or information, get in touch with us by the contact page Wisdom Teaching School

Virtual classrooms are conducted through user friendly “zoom” technology