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The Wisdom Teaching School (WTS) is linked with a global network of educational centers dedicated to promoting the spiritual journey and the evolution of human consciousness.  We are not sponsored or affiliated with any religious or political organization.  We offer education in many esoteric subjects to facilitate spiritual unfoldment.  The teachings are mainly focused on the writings of the Tibetan (by Alice Bailey), Lucille Cedercrans and Wisdom Impressions, Helena Roerich and the Agni Yoga material, and other resonate literature. WTS offers sincere students of the Ageless Wisdom the opportunity to deepen their understanding in the Wisdom Teachings. 

Students participate in WTS in several ways. There are regular online classrooms where students read, discuss and/or meditate on various works of the Trans-Himalayan teachings. Special introductory programs are offered periodically to help participants become familiar with esoteric concepts. Our school cooperates with many other groups all over the world who seek to fill the needs of awakening souls and those who wish to achieve greater effectiveness in their lives. The mission of the WTS is to contribute and participate in this vibrant group work via this website, through networking, online meetings and the  social media

There is no tuition for most of our programs.  For more information, get in touch with us by the contact page Wisdom Teaching School  


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