Book Groups

For the schedule of our ongoing study groups, please sign up through our mailing list for information.  Many of these meetings are held in a virtual classroom by video conferencing, online meeting or conference call.  We use “zoom” technology which is very user friendly. You can learn the Teachings from your own home or join us anywhere that you are at the time. There is no tuition for any study group or meditation. Arun Kumar

Meditation Groups

You can meditate from home or connect with one of the various meditation groups offered through the global internet or that meet in person. Linking in meditation with your spiritual group at the exact moment of each full moon is  effective and useful,  The links on this page give a suggested meditation to use during the full moon cycle. Energy from the Spiritual Sun and from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters is sent forth to all disciples while the moon is temporarily not blocking the spiritual channel of light from the Spiritual Sun offering the greatest receptivity to those who are guiding humanity. 

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