Passed down through the Ages

Passed down through the agesEverywhere are to be found the Wisdom Teachers, those dedicated souls who disperse themselves to the far reaches of the planet, to take their place in esoteric circles and the mundane world alike. For thousands of years, they have guarded the Sacred Treasures of Wisdom with their very lives, even in the gravest of moments when the world has been cast to the ground by the ignorant.  The glory, magnificence and brilliance of their vision is often darkened, but they never give up. The Light of Wisdom is to be guarded as the noblest treasure of all, standing like mountain-tops above the deluge; high above the dark wintry ocean of the past.

The Ageless Wisdom is a lineage, a “golden thread,” like a spiritual family tree. It represents the process by which a certain kind of Wisdom is passed along from teacher to student, from generation to generation.  Encoded in this spiritual DNA is a body of books, disciplines, principles and methods for living a more awakened life. Students that receive the Wisdom have profound insights about the inner Self and the true nature of the universe. They learn that everything is energy. A world of meaning unfolds before their eyes. That which has been hidden is no longer hidden and the inner life and soul within all things stands revealed.  In the words of Lucille Cedercrans:

“And what is the Truth that man seeks? His own Identity. The realization that he is a Son of God, a Conscious Soul Incarnate.”

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