Inspiration: A Mystery in Front of us

22140773_709694909227964_8939052662239769912_nWhat is inspiration? It is an innovative idea, a new technology, a stroke of insight, a work of art or a problem solved. All ideas, visions, and imaginations come first by being inspired! It brings magic and meaning. What is it about inspiration that so fascinates us? Is it that it reminds us, echoes in us, something of our own spiritual nature? In those magical “in spirit” moments, there a sense of the presence of higher being.

It’s easy to see why so many artists have described the experience as ecstasy. Inspiration sometimes comes on as a brilliant flash, lighting up the atmosphere for a minute or two, and then is gone. Inspiration is an echo of Divinity.  It reminds us of the loveliness of the rainbow, here, and gone.

Where does inspiration come from? Often a piece of art is said to be inspired. What does that really mean beneath the popular cliché? Is the word “inspiration” both overused and insufficiently understood?

Looking at the dictionary definitions provide some insight:

  1. a breathing in, as of air into the lungs; inhaling
  2. an inspiring or being inspired mentally or emotionally
  3. an inspiring influence; any stimulus to creative thought or action an inspired idea, action, etc.
  4. a divine influence upon human beings.

Inspiration is the breath that sustains us, that inspires us, and leaves us. We have to slow down, breathe in, sit with our emotions, our thoughts, absorb the ideas, invoke the divine.  Slowly, truly, deeply. We cannot have “inspiration” without the breath/spirit. Inspiration is a mystery in front of us.

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