Conscious Creativity

LotusFully conscious creativity in line with the Divine Plan plays an important role in the work of the aspiring student of the wisdom teaching. In order to create something, the student first needs to visualize or build a thoughtform in his mind. Thus, it is necessary to learn how to visualize skillfully.  Visualization is the initial way to embody the occult law that “energy follows thought.”

It is important to realize that visualization, like any technique, is developed through practice. By simply doing it over and over, progress can be observed over time, even if subtle.  The reality is that we all know how to visualize expertly. In the ordinary way, it means actually seeing what something will look like. We do it all the time when we plan activities or organize things that we need in our daily lives.  However, often it is but more of an automatic response, not conscious creativity. Often it is for ourselves and not to further the Divine Plan.

To work as a conscious creator with the Plan is to work with energy, force and substance by aligning with the higher purpose for humanity A good beginning practice is to begin with a service related idea that we want to manifest at some point. It can be a simple one, like helping with a humanitarian cause in the community.  Bring to the mind as much detail related to the idea. This adds strength to a mental focus being created as a truly intelligent activity.  It creates a power potential behind the idea; behind that which is to be done. A one-pointed focus is essential. During the process, endeavor to remain positive and aware that we are the controlling and directing agents. If the technique is mastered, the idea takes shape in ways unimaginable.

In Discipleship in the New Age we read:

This visualising process, and this use of the imagination, form the first two steps in the activity of thought-form building. It is with these self-created forms — embodying spiritual ideas and divine purpose — that the Masters work and hierarchical purpose takes shape.

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