The “Soundless Sound” of Soul

1awareness-be-one-buddhism-268073Are the two poles of speech and silence antagonistic? We live in a world that seems to depreciate the value of silence and glorify the constant chatter of technological distractions. It seems difficult to reconcile the current state of our noise pollution with the perennial wisdom of a silent path. Many have lost memory of the silence of the Divine and of our inextricable oneness with it. Alas, we decline to hear it and, in consequence, look without for that which is within.

What is the inner sound? Where can we find this “voice of the silence?”

Perhaps we can look for answers in the exemplary lives of those who have gone before us. They have demonstrated that through silent meditation, consciousness can be kept at a high point of awareness. This is a spiritual attitude of being true to ourselves—the essential prerequisite for any spiritual journey. We are told that the sublime voice of the silence is a “ringing radiance.” It is called the soundless sound because it is beyond the range of acoustical frequency.

How may the inner sound be realized if it is beyond acoustic frequency?

H.P. Blavatsky states by a gradual unfoldment of inner faculties and various stages of meditation, something transformational can be experienced.

She says: “He who would hear the voice of Nada, the soundless sound, and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana.”

To comprehend ideas and truths larger that the ordinary, takes a new kind of mental effort. Dharana is a Sanskrit word which means that you have achieved the ability to bring the mind into focus and to hold the concentration on a single point. In true dharana all body-consciousness and restless thoughts cease.

Thus, we see that silence and speech are not antagonistic. The highest form of silence is that achieved and maintained through contemplation. After mastery of such practice, our words carry this energy of the Divine into manifestation and our daily lives. Each of us is the “voice of the silence?” or “word incarnate.”

Each of us is a Word made flesh.

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