The Purpose of the Soul

krishna-spring-in-kulu-1930.jpg!LargeWhat does purpose mean for the spiritual seeker? We may like to define purpose as the objective of one’s goals, or a certain direction. But what does that really mean for a conscious soul incarnate?  How do we know our purpose in life?

Unfortunately, it is not always clear. The spiritual path is a journey where you take many twists and turns on the road and continually challenge illusions about your life. Sometimes the spiritual path is more about keeping the process going step at a time, and developing determination and perseverance. Gradually, the purpose becomes clearer as you approach the Truths that govern our vast and mysterious universe.  As we get closer, we begin to recognize the inner guidance that leads us to “know thyself.”

Purpose is intimately related to Will. Will is the power that produces action.  We use will power in our daily life such as to monitor our diet, meditation and sleep.  But on the spiritual path, Will shifts its focus from the personal needs to the more altruistic needs of humanity at large.

Even though we may have been involved in our spiritual development for years, it takes courage to look outside of ourselves to what is needed for the greater good and the evolution of mankind.  Maybe all the years we have invested in worrying about our life purpose, reading spirituality and in inner work has been in preparation for this time on our planet right now.

It is stated in the third verse of the Great Invocation written by Alice Bailey:

“From the center where the Will of God is known… Let purpose guide the little wills of men…The purpose which the Masters know and serve.”

The Will of God seeks to produce certain racial and momentous changes in the consciousness of humanity which will lead to a different attitude to life.  The Masters of the Wisdom know and serve this.  So, our job as spiritual workers is to align our little will with the Greater Will.  In this way, we understand what purpose is wanting immediate expression on Earth.

What could be more important than that?

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