“As if” The Soul


The “as if” principle says that we can create outer circumstances by acting “as if” they are already real; for example, act “as if” you were not afraid and you will become courageous, “as if” you are not hateful and you will become loving. Whatever you want to be, act “as if” you already are that. While the principle might seem somewhat superficial, it does have some validity in the dynamics of the soul and consciousness.

Understanding the promptings of the soul is an important aspect to finding the center of one’s true identity. At some point, it becomes clear that the consciousness of the soul is what we are destined to become. The Master D.K. said ‘‘You are the Conscious Soul Incarnate.” As such, then, we are destined to evolve beyond and past the limitation of a personality identification.  The personality is not one’s true identity but only the vehicle in which the soul seeks to express itself.

To understand the soul’s nature, then, is one of the most important a topics to be considered by spiritually minded people. What happens when we use the “as-if” principle in relation to  “becoming” the soul? Such an examination may involve an assessment of the virtues of the Ray of the Soul and astrological chart, among other factors. For example, a second ray soul may be expressing the virtue of Wisdom and Love through teaching activities.

To live a spiritual life is to express the soul as fully as possible. It is by acting “as if” we are souls that we move into a world imbued with love, light and wisdom and the consciousness is raised. We live in amazing times. Humanity stands at the threshold in the development and production of a station of lighted consciousness.  Every human being is destined to fulfill the soul’s journey if we only believe it to  be so.



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