The Harmony of the Soul


The soul sounds forth in time and space a harmonic chord, often called in esoteric teaching “the word.” It is the most basic creative activity of the soul as the vibration moves outward to form it’s light body, as beautiful as a rainbow of light moving through a prism. Most of us in our evolutionary development work with seven notes, the most important being: the basic note (or physical), the major third (or emotional), the fifth (causal levels, including mind) and the ultimate seventh.  This chord has far greater implications than we can imagine. What would our chord even sound like? Is it harmonious or dissonant? This would all depend on how the vibratory frequencies blend and merge together to set the sympathetic por­tion of our substance into motion. Each unique chord of the soul shares the magnetic qualities of the Soul. We are taught that sound or the “word” is the initiating force behind all things. It follows that humanity’s use of it must be examined in this light. It may well be said that the knowledge of sound is perhaps the most carefully guarded occult secrets of all the Mysteries.

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