Becoming a Conscious Soul

4560592447_9477859982_zEventually in some incarnation, the personality life surrenders to the soul’s authority and we truly come to understand who we are and all that we are – from the darkness of our struggles to the fullness of our gifts. Every single moment in life, indeed every experience is about finding our way, what holds meaning for us and what does not. We are, by nature, “seeking” creatures and are looking to discover our own mysteries. Part of the mystery is solving the struggle for control between the higher and lower division of one’s consciousness, called in the Wisdom teachings soul and personality awareness. The soul illumines the path with its love, wisdom and creative intention. Once an individual is committed to soul service, then he or she has reached the “point of no return.”

How do we know we are there? Perhaps we come to realize that we have more inner resources than we ever realized. The old ways do not work anymore and life seems new and different. We may find the beginning threads to a new service field, a spiritual exploration that often results in redirecting how we understand the journey of our life.   In truth, enlightenment is nothing more than becoming the divine light that we are, and always have been.

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