Spring as a Metaphor for Initiation

resized 29178215_1566033750159940_6946588157890527232_n“With the spring of the consciousness stirs new life. It looks about with newly opened eyes, observing its activities and the activities of others with greater interest.” ~ (Lucille Cedercrans)

Spring has been celebrated by people around the world throughout time. There are obvious reasons, such as it bringing with it all of the blooming colors and fragrances in our gardens that we love. But is there more to it than that? Does it have spiritual significance? Is spring and gardening a good metaphor for the path of initiation?

In ancient times, people would reflect on their connection to the cycles of seasons both on earth and in the heavens. In this way, they could contemplate the timeless nature of such wisdom. It was often a way to enlighten in each aspirant the deeper meanings of initiation.

An initiation has been said to be a new birth.  It’s easy to see that spring, with its theme of birth, serves as a good metaphor for renewal in a person’s life.  It can be a true blossoming of growth and purpose, a time when the pouring in of new spiritual energies is experienced.

We might say that spring marks not only growth in nature, but also the warm influx of the heat of spirituality.  The seasons are the continual application of the sun and its journey but also our own journey through life and knowledge.

Incredible beauty awaits us on each new cycle of growth, and each new season. The possibilities are far greater than any human imagining.  We are taught that Hope blooms in the garden of livingness.

 “You realize that you are the gardener, the Divine Soul, and that you can do anything you wish with your garden.  You can let it become a bed of weeds or a wonderful garden of spiritual food for the spiritually hungry! “~ (Lucille Cedercrans)

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