Entering the Stream of Consciousness

2768656542_3e7f2f04ed_bIn India the second initiation of the soul has been called “entering the stream.” Here in the West, it is referred to as “the Baptism” or cleansing by water. It is part of the evolutionary process in which the disciple transforms the emotional nature to be receptive to the nature of the soul.

Where does the stream take us? As we ride the currents, the stream brings us endless opportunities to change course, to shift our energetic focus. It’s flow is always changing and shifting patterns.  When we learn to control our emotional direction, the astral body becomes “cleansed” or purified enough so that it can acquire the “gentle stillness” of the divine qualities of the soul nature. Love. Light. Peace. Wisdom.  The future is all ours for the making.

As we navigate the course in the stream, we explore our own powerful connection to the endless potential of the current.  The longing to serve the whole becomes the guiding principle in the life. Our emotions glow with love for all beings, able to irradiate light into the planetary consciousness.

That’s when we discover our own unique gifts…. and when that happens, anything can manifest.

“The human family stands today upon the threshold of a new experience, that of Soul consciousness. Every man, woman, and child incarnate upon the planet is being brought closer to this happening by the force of evolution itself.”

~Lucille Cedercrans



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