Pondering the Light of the Soul

Thinking 1One of my favorite Alice Bailey books in called “Ponder on This.”  It is a compilation of short topics concerning the Ageless Wisdom. It’s not a book that you read straight through from start to finish.  Instead, you check out a topic that comes to mind and sit with it.  Brood, hesitate, reflect, meditate, speculate, think deeply.

Why is it important to ponder?  Because in quiet contemplation we learn to see to see through the soul’s eyes.  Motivated by love, the soul aspires to that which is greater than itself, and reaches out to the world of divine ideas.

We are taught that the Planetary Logos meditated, brooded, conceived mentally, and formed the whole world through thought. Within the simple act of pondering is hidden the power of creation. Likewise, a thought or “seed idea” contemplated in the light of the soul produces new vision and mental clarity.

In meditation deep, we discover the immortal, imperishable spark of divinity, the Son of God, which inspires a sense of wonder and unity with all life. Such is the promise of the future awaiting us as the miracle of the Plan unfolds.

A part of a powerful mantra that encapsulates this truth is the Mantram of Unification:

“Let the Soul control the outer form, and life and all events and bring to Light the Love that underlies the happenings of the time.”
– Alice Bailey (Djwal Khul  Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II)


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